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Sunita Trivedi missed authentic food when she arrived in Luxembourg 22 years ago from New Delhi, so she decided to setup Spice Curry to teach Indian cookery. The menu ranges from traditional to fusion recipes, and cookery course participants can learn up to 100 recipes from various parts of India.


“I was a mum and I found the best way to integrate with different nationalities was through my cookery programme. I have met some amazing people and made many friends from all over the world.”


Sunita proposes Indian Cooking classes via her Spice Curry program providing interactive cooking, alongside cultural enrichment and group enjoyment. She comes from the north of India, from New Delhi, and is an expert cook, known in her community, experimenting with the fusion between dishes of India.

What People Say About Sunita's SpiceCurry

Pathi Marques


"Sunita's cooking classes are a unique experience! For a moment, our mind and senses travel to India whilst we're enjoying a delicious dish! Not only is she enthusiastic about what she does, but she makes sure that her explanations are understandable and she gives tips on how to do it better. She gives explanations about the spices, ingredients and also where to shop. Furthermore, Sunita is always available to answer any questions, if we have any doubts. I wish I had been able to attend the classes much earlier. At the beginning the classes took place face to face, but because of the pandemic, we had to switch to the online classes. I was skeptical about the feasibility, but I have to say, it works very well. Sunita sends us the list of ingredients and mentions what has to be prepared before the class. A great alternative for this transitional period. Not only do we learn the magic of Indian food from a woman who is passionate about what she does, but she shares with us; her rich culture, her knowledge, her good mood and her interest. I highly recommend Sunita's cooking classes, the way you'll get the chance to know her as her culinary talents. For my part, I love to share what I've learned with my friends and family. Dhanyavaad Sunita for letting us be part of these joyful moments".

Pat Rit


"I was supposed to take this class alone and my husband could not resist joining. Now it has become our Friday night activity! Sunita's recipes are awesome, almost impossible to fail. Thanks to the very detailed explanations before and during the cooking session. We have a lot of fun cooking and savoring the delicious taste of India. Thanks Sunita for your amazing class".






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